Skills are abilities that characters can use in combat. Each player can equip up to 5 skills using their skill slots, which are numbered 1 to 5.

  • Skills can be either active (has an instant effect) or passive (the effect is always active or activates in response to some trigger).

  • Each skill can also only be assigned to a particular slot. This prevents game-breaking combos.

  • Skills follow the same rarity system as equipment.

  • If a skill doesn't have an element, it uses the element of the player's weapon. If the player doesn't have a weapon, the element defaults to Earth.

Using a skill in battle consumes energy. You regain a certain amount of energy at the start of each turn in battle. Each character has a maximum of 100 energy, although this may increase as the level cap is raised and can also be increased by certain equipment.

Some skills can be obtained through researching Skill Scrolls, and skills can be upgraded using materials gained from quest rewards and GUILD.

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