Standard Equipment

A character has 10 slots for wearable equipment and can wield a weapon.

Weapons are versatile and may include swords, daggers, bows, staves, magic wands, spellbooks, etc.

If you transfer an item out of your wallet, you will be unable to equip it for 7 days, even if you transfer it back. This is to prevent abuse by players transferring powerful items between characters, negating the need to craft the gear themselves. This also applies to skills and augments.

The only except to this is if the NFT was put up for auction and was not sold, or was sent to the Upgrading smart contract.

Cosmetic Equipment

In addition to normal equipment, players may occasionally obtain cosmetic equipment through special in-game events or promo NFTs.

Cosmetics can be worn over the top of regular equipment to allow you to customise your character's appearance.


Equipment can be crafted using materials obtained from Loot Packs. Players can craft Common – Legendary rarities. See Crafting for more information.

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