Why use Discord as the platform for the game?

We have chosen to create The Adventurer's Guild on Discord for a variety of reasons. This page explores some of the benefits and risks involved.

Benefits of using Discord

Community Focus

Discord has quickly become home to many WAX communities. We believe that it is important to seamlessly integrate The Adventurer's Guild into the WAX ecosystem so that it is as accessible to as many people as possible.

Play any time, anywhere

The Adventurer's Guild will be playable anywhere, as players can access the game though Discord's web app, desktop app, or mobile app!


SixPM Software maintains Honeycomb, the primary Discord bot for managing WAX NFT communities. The Honeycomb framework provides a means simple and safe identity links to be created between Discord accounts and WAX wallets to prove ownership. This allows the Discord bot to administer proof-of-ownership Discord roles, and create role based whitelists.

Currently, 9000 wallets have used Honeycomb to link to Discord accounts.

Previous Experience

The development of Honeycomb has provided SixPM Software with a strong foundation that The Adventurer's Guild will be built upon.

Additionally, stuckatsixpm has over 5 years of experience working with Discord bots. From 2018-2020, stuckatsixpm developed and published a similar game on Discord, also titled The Adventurer's Guild, and SixPM Software is now working to reimagine this game for the WAX blockchain.


Relying on any external platform generates some risks, however we're taking every measure to avoid any problems.

Discord API changes

The Discord API is constantly evolving, and this means that we will need to continue to adapt to work with these changes.

Recently discord.py, the framework the Honeycomb Bot is built on, announced that they were no longer maintaining the project, effective immediately. In response to this, SixPM Software immediately began development of our own in-house software package for interacting with Discord, which we've lovingly dubbed anarchy.py. This framework has been designed to work with the latest Discord API requirements, and as it is in-house, allows us to make any changes as they are needed. (They later changed their mind, but we're still using anarchypy)

anarchypy is not yet comprehensive for the Discord API, but currently contains all of the functionality needed to develop and run The Adventurer's Guild.

Policy changes

Another key risk is that Discord change their terms of service or policies in such a way that The Adventurer's Guild no longer complies. To mitigate this, we are working on a standalone game client.

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