The Motivation

Why are we creating The Adventurer's Guild?

Everyone on the team thus far is a fan of video games. We've all grown up playing them, and can all see the incredible potential the WAX blockchain has for creating fun games. And that's our core goal for The Adventurer's Guild.

We want you, the players, to enjoy playing the game.

We're working to create a balanced game supported by what will hopefully become a thriving NFT and Token backed economy, but ultimately, we want to create a game that people will keep playing not just because they're profiting while playing, but because they find the game genuinely fun to play.

The other key goal of The Adventurer's Guild is to help shine a light on the many fantastic projects that exist in the WAX ecosystem. Through TAG's efforts to make almost any NFT usable in the game, we're working to widen the WAX community, aligning with the SixPM Software mission:

The mission of SixPM Software is to push the boundaries of WAX NFTs, developing tools and off-chain applications, in order to grow, inspire, support, and ultimately give back to the WAX Community.

Also something about "stuckatsixpm being addicted to writing code".

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