Professions are specialties that characters can learn, and are analogous to "classes" found in classic role-playing games. Your profession will convey passive combat effects to your character, and can also affect what skills your character can use. The Adventurer's Guild currently features five professions:

  • Adventurer - Starter Profession

  • Fighter - Increased physical damage, decreased magical damage

  • Caster - Increased magical damage, decreased physical damage

  • Rogue - Deals more damage, decreased defences

  • Defender - Takes less damage, decreased offence

The professions can be levelled up by earning Profession XP (PXP), which can be earned by completing quests. Special Requests grant higher PXP rewards than normal daily quests.

When creating a character, players use the default Adventurer profession. The other professions are unlocked at level 5.

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