Augments are magical gems that can be used to give special effects or bonuses to your equipment. There are 4 grades of Augments in addition to the standard rarity system, which are as follows (in order of increasing rarity and power):

  • Shards

  • Crystals

  • Flawless Gems

  • Unique Gems (1/1 named augments)

Each Equipment slot can hold a certain maximum number of augments. For example, a Chest item can hold up to 3 augments, whereas a Feet item can only hold a single augment.

Constraining this further, an individual piece of equipment has a random number of slots that range between none and the maximum number for its type, and each slot will have a maximum grade of augment it can accommodate. This is determined randomly when the item is appraised by the artisans of the The Adventurer's Guild.

For example, following appraisal, a Chest item may be revealed to have 2 augment slots out of the max 3, with one large slot (can hold anything up to a Flawless tier augment), and one small slot (which can only hold shards). If you roll poor stats on a piece of equipment you're set on using, the augment slots and bonus stats can be re-enchanted (rerolled) after that item has been upgraded to its maximum level using a rare item that can be obtained from quest rewards.

This optimisation aspect will provide additional value for players who work to obtain equipment with good augment slots.

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