Quests are the main gameplay in TAG. These can be a variety of tasks from delivering items to the guild or going on adventures to defeat monsters and explore the world! Each time you complete a quest, you will be rewarded with guilders and some loot!

Quests include various interactions such as fights and stat check, where you see if you manage to perform an action. This is a random check, where the outcome is influenced by your stats!

Each day, your character can accept a certain number of quests based on their level. You can also burn Special Request NFTs to go on special quests that don't count towards your daily quest limit.

Quest types

Quests will generally be relatively short, 5-10 encounters, and follow a "choose your own adventure" style of gameplay.

Other planned quest types include rogue-like dungeon dives and item delivery quests.

Bounty Boards and Special Requests

All over Eaglesreach, the Guild HQ has bounty boards upon which people post requests for help on. Adventurers then accept these requests and complete them for rewards!

In game, these bounty boards take the form of NFT Packs. Each pack can be opened to obtain a variety of themed Special Requests, which are single-use NFTs. To accept a special request, you simply burn it.

After you accept the request, it will appear in your Quest Book, and you can attempt the quest until you complete it. The rewards from these special requests are greater than normal quests.

The type of bounty board you use to get your special requests determines what kind of rewards you will get from the special requests. Need some rare ores for crafting? The Dungeon Diving Bounty Board will let you take a variety of quests that will help you obtain various ores and resources.

Random Encounters

Your character can also complete random encounters, where you fight against single enemies to collect some resources and experience.

More information coming soon - for now see About the Game for a brief overview

For information about the Combat system, see Combat.

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