Making better equipment

Our smart contract capabilities recently increased, and we will be reworking this page to include the new smart contract details.

Using the materials you are awarded after completing a quest, you can craft better equipment and skills using NFT blending. This will take place using the NeftyBlocks Super Blends functionality, and thus players will easily be able to craft equipment.

The base material for creating a weapon or a piece of equipment is the corresponding Blueprint NFT for that item. Skills require a Research Journal NFT as their base material.

Blending requires:

  1. the base material for the item you wish to create,

  2. any additional materials, and

  3. the correct "Facility Permit", which is an NFT type purchasable with Guilders. Facility passes are a way of paying The Adventurer's Guild a rental fee to use their facilities and helps incentivise the usage of the GUILD token.

For example if you wanted to create an uncommon Iron Sword, you would need the materials to make it as well as an uncommon Forge Pass.

Different crafting recipes will require you to blend different passes. Passes will be readily available, and even Legendary passes will be relatively cheap to purchase.

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