Candlelight is the non-custodial staking system used by The Adventurer's Guild. In addition to the usual equipment, skills, and augments, you can further enhance your character's equippables by linking NFTs from outside the TAG collection to various equipment and skill slots.

Additionally, we plan to hold "Illumination" events, in which particular collections or NFT genres will be featured for a period of time. Linking to these NFTs during the event will result in stronger boosts, and maybe earn you a chance at event participation rewards! We see this as a great way to help shine a light on smaller NFT collections on WAX to help them grow.

How does it work?

Say you have an NFT from the cryptomoonie collection. You would appraise that NFT through the game to what equipment slot/skill type it can link to, and what bonus effects it provides.

The slot and bonus effect are assigned based on the NFTs metadata, as well as other factors not described in this whitepaper. Through Candlelight, essentially every NFT on the WAX blockchain can be used to enhance your character.

Each Equipment Slot can currently be boosted by a single WAX NFT.

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