About this Project

Basic Project Information

This section documents why we're creating The Adventurer's Guild, what groups are working on creating the game, and why we've chosen to use Discord as our platform. In future, we aim to bring TAG to Immersys as a game within the metaverse, creating an additional way to play the game.


Phase 1: Preparation (Q3 2021) - Complete!

This phase of the project is about preparing and making sure everything is set up to help development run as smoothly as possible.

Phase 2: Development (Q3-Q4 2021) - Complete!

The following items were moved to Phase 3:

  • Augments

  • Bounty Boards

  • Appraising Items

  • Sacrificing Items

Phase 3: Closed Beta (Q1 2022-)

Phase 4: Open Beta (???)

Other goals:

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