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We've had a lot of feedback about the whitepaper being long and too mechanics heavy.

Here's a quick summary of key information about The Adventurer's Guild, compiled from various pages throughout this Whitepaper.

What is the project?

The Adventurer's Guild is a NFT-based RPG developed by SixPM Software, and powered by the WAX Blockchain. You can create a character, deck them out in gear, and embark on quests, ranging from dungeon crawls to fights against powerful bosses, all from Discord!

The Adventurer's Guild

AtomicHub - NeftyBlocks - Discord - Twitter - Reddit

Who is making the game?

The Adventurer's Guild is being co-developed by SixPM Software and NeftyBlocks, with an additional partnership with Immersys.

Artists working on the project include SuperPuft, KojiKreations, and WorldofSmil!

Who are we?

Is the project play-to-earn?

Yes! By playing the game, you can earn both NFTs usable in the game and the $GUILD token which is tradable for WAX and WAXUSDT on Alcor!

Quest Rewards

How does the staking work?

We've adopted a different approach for TAG, where any NFT can be non-custodially staked to give your character some boosts! These boosts are increases to your character's stats, and the boosts are different for every NFT/wallet combination. Your character can equip at most 36 staked NFTs at any given time.

Regular "Illumination" events will be run, where staking NFTs from the relevant collections will result in slightly better boosts than normal for the duration of the event.


Is there a roadmap?


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