Whitepaper Changelog

A log of changes to the whitepaper

10 Nov, 2022

  • Updated roadmap, marking off progress

  • Began revamping whitepaper, updating and adding information about the game. Comprehensive changes to most pages, bringing information up to date with the state of things.

  • Still to be updated: Tokenomics, Sacrificing, Guild Estates, Lore

  • Still to be added: Guild Licenses, Pets, Standalone Client, PvP

25 Mar, 2022

  • Updated roadmap, marking off progress

  • Added images for Avatars, and updated information about skin and hair colour

  • Added player guilds to the roadmap, separating them from the GUILD Estates

  • Updated end of closed-beta level cap to 25.

25 Feb, 2022

21 Jan, 2022

  • Updated Roadmap status and shifted smart contract work to phase 3.

25 Oct, 2021

  • Roadmap - Added "Smart Contracts" to phase 2, thanks to the amazing team at NeftyBlocks!

  • Added Artist Bio for KojiKreations

  • Added screenshot and some minor information to Quests

15 Oct, 2021

  • Roadmap - marked off more completed goals

  • Updated Who are we?

  • Updated the game mechanics section

1 Oct, 2021

  • Roadmap - marked Equip Equipment as complete

30 Sept, 2021

  • Added information to Quests about the consequences of transferring equipped NFTs while on a quest.

  • Added information to Equipment about the cooldown time for equipping NFTs after they were transferred.

29 Sept, 2021

  • Upgrading equipment no longer increases rarity

    • This would cause confusion as to the inherent rarity of the original item.

    • Instead, level/max_level have been merged into upgrade_level and an complete flag has been added to the item for when it reaches its final level

  • Corrected some spelling and grammar errors

22 Sept, 2021 - 28 Sept, 2021

  • Started migrating Whitepaper from Notion to GitBook

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