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SixPM Software


SixPM Software Proprietary Ltd. is an Australian company focused on working in the WAX blockchain community. Our goals revolve around innovating with NFTs, tools and applications, in order to grow, inspire, support, and ultimately give back to the WAX community.

SixPM Software's growing team is led by Jake Hattwell, better known as stuckatsixpm, a well-known member of the WAX community, and have been responsible for a variety of projects including:

  • Dynamic NFTs and the sixpm collection

  • The Pikcell Project, a charity focused community canvas

  • Honeycomb, the WAX/Discord integration platform

  • WAXTax, and various other off-chain utilities

SixPM Software is working with talented artists from both inside and outside the WAX community to create The Adventurer's Guild.

Our Partners

To make our vision for The Adventurer's Guild into reality, SixPM Software is working with several innovative projects in the WAX space.



Currently working on TAG

Magic Bean, Smil

Previous Contributors

Thank you so much for the amazing contributions you've made to TAG, and we wish you the greatest success in your endeavours

KojiKreations, Superpuft

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