Guilders - The GUILD Token

Important: This page is currently under review, as we have recently increased our development capacity. The content on this page may change before the beta test.

Guilders are the currency of Eaglesreach, and are represented by the $GUILD token, which is administered via the token contract foundry.tag. Guilders are used for a wide variety of functions in TAG, including crafting, upgrading, appraising, and buying certain items. These use cases, which are integral to the core gameplay of TAG will help drive keep the supply and demand of $GUILD healthy.

$GUILD distributed by the game will come from a supply allocated to the vault.tag account. Using $GUILD for in-game functions will be performed by transferring the token to vault.tag where it will be credited to the character. $GUILD can be withdrawn from the vault once every 24 hrs.

Maximum supply, current supply, and means of distribution

$GUILD has a maximum supply of 10 billion (10,000,000,000). At the time of writing the only ways to obtain $GUILD are:

  • Through the initial guild airdrop that occurred on July 1, 2021.

  • Holding a $GUILD currency card, which provides a small amount of GUILD each day (total amount of 1,299 $GUILD per day between all $GUILD currency cards)

  • Obtaining circulating $GUILD from another WAX account via transfers

  • Purchasing $GUILD on the Alcor marketplace, which has both a $GUILD/WAX market and a liquidity pool, as well as a WAXUSDT/$GUILD market

Origins of $GUILD currently in circulation


Token creation and Alcor market setup


Initial Airdrop


$GUILD currency card




It is also intended that the majority of $GUILD currency cards will be blended for in-game rewards that will allow users to accumulate Guilders faster.

Allocation of GUILD

The allocations displayed here are not finalised, as we are currently re-evaluating the pools to move more GUILD into "The Adventurer's Guild Game Pool".

Proposed Token Allocation



The Adventurer's Guild Game Pool



TAG Development Pool



SixPM Pool



Advertising/Events - will be added to Game Pool after use



Timekeeper Pool



GUILD currency card pool



Initial airdrop


Negligible (<0.001%)

Token Creation (Complete)



TAG Development Pool This allocated $GUILD will be used for a variety of purposes including testing game functionality in the live environment, in which case the $GUILD used for testing will remaing with the vault.tag account for general circulation, and will remain subject to the deflation mechanism.

Other uses include future promotional use after the initial Advertising/Events $GUILD allocation is exhausted, e.g. rewards for special events, and helping to support the development of the game.

Timekeeper Pool For the first 48 months following the launch of TAG, on the first day of each month, each of the 13 holders of a Timekeeper card will receive 1,000 $GUILD, for a total of 48,000 $GUILD.

SixPM Pool

This pool has not yet been accessed by the team, given the comparative

The SixPM Pool will be vested over 60 months and unlock over 6-month intervals, with an equal amount of $GUILD being released at each time-point. The amount will be transferred into the sixpm wax account and held there until claimed.

  • 75% to beneficiaries (e.g. shareholders of the project) over the period by a fortnightly allowance.

  • 15% to those who contributed to TAG's development during that 6 month period (based on contributions).

  • 10% reinvested into SixPM Software, focusing on the development and support of the company's community projects, many of which are provided free of charge.

Distribution of $GUILD via the game

Guilders (and thus $GUILD) will be awarded to players upon completion of in game tasks, such as defeating monsters and completing quests.

We plan for $GUILD to be relatively difficult to obtain in large quantities, and for this to create a demand for $GUILD, which will be further driven by the need to spend $GUILD for in game services.

Guild reward rates will be variable, depending on the objective completed. The reward scales, because defeating stronger opponents or completing quests should obviously result in more $GUILD obtained. Reward rates may increase or decrease as needed for balancing, and in-line with the contents of the vault.tag account to maintain economic stability.


When GUILD is used for in-game actions, 5% will be sequestered for tokenomics into 3 separate accounts. These accounts are:

  • burn.tag: 2% of spent $GUILD for burning.

  • rewards.tag: 2.5% of spent $GUILD for tokenomics rewards.

  • fund.tag: 0.5% of spent $GUILD to support the development of the game.

Deflation via burning

It's taken a little while to sort out the burn cycle, but we've settled into a routine of burning the GUILD in the burn.tag wallet every 5 epochs.

Player rewards

The remaining 3% of used $GUILD each month will be distributed between Player-run guilds based on achievements over the course of the month, Guild Estate Facilities, liquidity pool providers, and a development fund created to support the game.

The remaining $GUILD will be distributed as follows:

  • 33.33% to Estate Owners

  • 25% to Player Guilds owners

  • 12.5% to wallets providing liquidity to the WAX/GUILD swap pool

  • 6.25% to wallets providing liquidity to the NEFTY/GUILD swap pool

  • 6.25% to wallets providing liquidity to the FATE/GUILD swap pool

  • 6.66% to the development fund.

As guilds and estates will not be a feature at launch, the allocated WAX will be instead allocated to the LP rewards.

The rates of deflation and distribution may change as needed to balance the flow of $GUILD. Excess $GUILD (e.g. small amounts left over after rounding) will be returned to the game pool.

Updated 25 Feb 2022 to reflect Tokenomics Update 1

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