About the Game

This page covers the basic gameplay of The Adventurer's Guild

Adventure awaits!

You assume the role of a new adventurer arriving at Guildtown, the capital city of the land of Eaglesreach. Hearing tales of the legendary Adventurer's Guild, you have come to seek your fortune.

Embark on different quests to find resources, defeat monsters, and claim glory!


The Adventurer's Guild features a variety of quest types, ranging from straightforward monster fights to roguelike dungeon crawls, and even the occasional boss battle!

Each day, you will be able to undertake a certain number of random quests, based on your player level. Once you hit your maximum, you'll need to burn Special Request NFTs (obtainable from the market) to add additional quests to your journal. Quests obtained by burning Special Requests tend to be more difficult, but offer better chances at finding desired loot.

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Combat consists of turn-based battles in which you battle against your opponent. You have a variety of actions you can choose from perform on your turn, but you are limited to a single action.

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After completing a quest, you will receive some Guilders, the currency of Eaglesreach, as well as some loot. These take the form of NFTs that are minted directly to your wallet. What loot you receive is dependent on the quest you complete.

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