Our smart contract capabilities recently increased, and we will be reworking this page to include the new smart contract details.

Appraising is a process where a player can spend GUILD to discover what enchantments are imbued into equipment and skills. Augments can not be appraised.

The cost of appraisal increases with the rarity of the NFT being appraised, representing the player's character needing to find someone with the talent to identify the secret attributes of rare equippables.

Benefits gained by appraising are randomly determined, scaled to match the rarity of whatever is being appraised. Linked NFTs have a fixed pool of appraisal bonuses they can possibly receive.

NFTs can be reappraised when upgraded to their maximum level, using guilders and a Scroll of Re-enchantment, a rare drop item. This optimisation aspect will give great value to players who are able to obtain equipment with good augment slots.


Appraising equipment activates bonus stats/boosts based on the rarity of the equipment. This also allows the player to gain access to the equipment's augment slots.


Appraising skills will increase the effect of the skill and depending on rarity may unlock an additional effect.

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